Update: 1930BST (1830UTC) Tuesday Day 3

Into the third night...

The sun has set over the Mediterranean sea and we have five balloons to the west of Italy, dragging their heels waiting to fly over tomorrow, and one balloon to the east of Italy about to enter Montenegrin (yes I had to look that up) airspace. Some of the balloons can use "sea anchors" to slow them down a bit, but there should be no need for that as winds over the sea are forecast to be light overnight. The leader is the Swiss team (SWI2) of Kurt Frieden and Pascal Witpraechtiger. There are suggestions that the weather over the Balkans may not be ideal so they may have to land early. These are issues for their own flight control team.

We're all off for pizza in Cameron's canteen now. When we return we will publish some forecast trajectories and suggest what the teams may be planning.