Entries Closed!

The deadline for National Aero Clubs to enter their country's teams into the race has passed! By 15th March, 11 countries had nominated 22 teams to fly in the 2010 Coupe Aéronautique Gordon Bennett!

The teams entered are:

Austrian Flag Austria
  1. Gerald Stürzlinger
Belgian Flag Belgium
  1. Gino Ciers with co-pilot Jurgen Dobbelaere
Finnish Flag Finland
  1. Ben Mattsson
  2. Olli Luoma
French Flag France
  1. Benoit Pelard with co-pilot Laurent Lajoye
  2. Sebastien Rolland with co-pilot Vincent Leys
  3. Thierry Villey with co-pilot Eric Halosserie
German Flag Germany
  1. Josef Höhl with co-pilot Georg Sellmaier
  2. Matthias Zenge
  3. Wilhelm Eimers
Japanese Flag Japan
  1. Saburo Ichiyoshi with co-pilot Akio Hachinohe
Dutch Flag Netherlands
  1. Rien Jurg with co-pilot Ron van Houten
Russian Flag Russia
  1. Leonid Tyukhtyaev with co-pilot Stanislaw Fuodoroff
Swiss Flag Switzerland
  1. Kurt Frieden with co-pilot Pascal Witpraechtiger
  2. Max Krebs with co-pilot Walter Gschwendtner
  3. To be announced on or before 26th April
British Flag United Kingdom
  1. Colin Butter with co-pilot Paul Spellward
  2. David Hempleman-Adams with co-pilot Simon Carey
  3. Janet Folkes with co-pilot Ann Rich
American Flag United States of America
  1. To be announced on or before 26th April
  2. To be announced on or before 26th April
  3. To be announced on or before 26th April