Update: 1130BST (1030Z) Monday (Day 3)

12 teams still flying, 8 on the ground!

With 12 teams still in the air and therefore still in the competition, here in Flight Control and in 12 other control centres, calculations are being done to see where the teams will be in the next few hours. The teams still have to avoid flying over Italy during the darkness hours. However, don't forget that Corsica is French and within French airspace, so if the teams can slow down enough tonight, then can overfly Italy tomorrow.

The leader is currently SWI2 travelling at 41kts (75kph) at 14000' (4,000m) altitude, a distance of 1500km from the start. In second place is FRA2 at a mighty 16,500' (5,000m), travelling 1465km from the launchsite (straight line distance, actual distance will be greater)

I have asked guru Stefan Handl to prepare a piece about the possible tactics involved, and will publish it when he's finished.