News from the Control Room

Here's an update from the GB2010 Control Room

The race jury of Derry and Moniek are in and out of the control room. Our weather man Martin has been giving us up to date wind models and it does seem that, sadly, at this point any balloons leaving France at this time will be too late to reach Italy in daylight. There maybe other tactics used by the teams, but race control has no "inside information" from the teams' own control rooms as they keep their tactics secret. Everyone is trying to work out what the remaining 11 balloons are trying, but our interest here is trying to tell the Italian people to look skywards to see the Swiss team.

We have had many interesting emails into the control room. Pictures from the ground, questions about the race, and support messages from around the world have been flooding in. The control room log all contacts with the balloons and the priority is on helping them acheve a safe race by assisting with whatever we can. As the balloons are so new to many people they do tend to call the police when the balloons land, but are greeted with smiles and hellos - a true international co-operative spirit is happening each and every time.

Left to right: Jo Slade, Robin Batchelor, Julian Hensey, Moniek Vande Velde, Stefan Handl

Webby Piers Glydon takes the pic - he usually sits out of shot on the left hand side