Update: 1500 BST (1400Z) Monday (Day 3)

10 balloons landed, 8 still flying and maybe 2 landed and yet to report

The Swiss team of Kurt Frieden & Pascal Witpraechtiger is still in the lead with a distance of 1636km from the start point (straight line). They are still travelling at 42kt (80kph) at 10,000feet (3000m) altitude. They should clear Italian airspace by the night time.

It is unsure what the French team FRA2 will do, they will probably have to land in Sardinia before sunset.

Two balloons are shown as having a speed of zero and being very low (USA3 and GER3) so we expect that they have landed but not yet reported in.

The remaining balloons will either have to land before the Med coast or try to fly slowly over the sea and cross into Italy in the morning.

We will have an update at 1600BST with an analysis of the various options available to the remaining teams.